India and it's beautiful people

India was very likely the most intense trip I have ever undertaken. Having gone there for a job shooting an event early December, I decided to stay and explore the country. Leading me more off the beaten track than I have ever been before, making it was an absolutely unforgetable experience.

I went to Rajastan, visited the Taj Mahal as well as I saw wild rhinos in Kaziranga National Park bordering Bhutan.
On the way I met people with facial tattoos who used to headhunt and on this trip I also got very, sicker than I ever got before traveling, as a lot of people do in this country, but one thing I didn't do, was stop taking pictures.
 I managed to explore this country from the slums in Delhi, to the colourful streets in Kolkata and the mountainous areas on the Burmese border, witnessing the versatility of this intense country.

Here is what I saw and experienced through my lens in the beautiful India.